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Welcome to the Military Pass portal. Stevens Pass appreciates everything you do for our country!

The Military Season Pass offers the best deal for military personnel and their dependents. Everyday passes are eligible to enjoy the perks of the Powder Alliance. The Alliance allows you to ski up to 39 days at 13 other resorts. Click Here for more details.

Here is a link that shows pricing for Military discounts.

Please follow these simple steps in order to complete the registration process:

1. Sign in to access your existing account or create a new account if needed.

2. Go to the "my account" tab (black button on the left side of screen), click the "family members" tab and add all of your family members, or make edits as needed to any existing information.

3. Make sure a photo is associated with each family member.

4. Once your family information has been updated, click on the "continue shopping" button to select your registration options.

5. Click the "pass renewal" or "season passes" tab for pass access options.

6. You will need to show your Military ID to our guest relations staff at Stevens Pass when you come up for your first visit of the season or send it to sales@stevenspass.com.

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